Happy Easter

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Rotating colorful Easter egg in FreeCAD
Easter egg in FreeCAD FEM workbench - Displacement of an Normal mode rotating

I have found an Easter egg in FreeCAD. And thanks to FEM workbench in FreeCAD, the egg is even colorful. It was not so easy to find, because who actually knows how an egg is constructed?

Easter egg in FreeCAD Part design
Easter egg geometry in FreeCAD Part design

I also had to search first to get an idea how to construct an egg. I have oriented me to the following geometric solution.

And that can be redrawn in the same way in a sketch in the FreeCAD Part Design workbench.

Sketch of an egg in FreeCAD
Sketch of the egg shell in FreeCAD

This egg shell can also be used for 3D printing. Therefore I have meshed the shell with 0.4 mm thick shell elements (Netgen) and used the integrated PLA material properties in the FreeCAD FEM workbench. And then you can just use the analysis type “Frequency” to calculate these colorful Normal modes.