Animated FEM deformation plot of a wind turbine hub in Ansys
Deformation of the wind turbine hub under extreme load

Your Partner for Fatigue Simulations

Mises stress of wind turbine hub animated
Finite element stress on a wind turbine hub


FEA/FEM (Ansys, Mecway, PrePoMax)
Postprocessing (Macros)
Fatigue calculations (Fatlab, nCode, FEMFAT)

Nodes, node sets (inside = blue, outside = green) and the calculated node force distribution plotted with GLMakie in Julia
Wheel with the calculated node force distribution in Julia


in Matlab, Julia, APDL, UIDL and some more
Analyze/review source code
Improving existing source code
Adding needed features
Develop new functions

Bicycle chain with FEM stress results and deformation in PrePoMax
Nonlinear contact in a bicycle chain


Develop approaches together for
nonlinear models (bearing, contact),
models with pretension (bolts, gravity),
stress concentration factors (SCF) and
for presentations and reports