Happy New Year 2024

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2024 as 3D model colored with FEM and 2023 as shadow with FEM workbench in FreeCAD fatigue.pro
Number 2024 created in FreeCAD and calculated in the FEM workbench in FreeCAD

Thanks to all for a crazy year 2023 and say hello to the new year 2024. May it be even more colorful and exciting than the FEM calculation of the numbers in FreeCAD.

I reused my model from last year and rerun the calculation in the actual FreeCAD version 0.21.1.

2024 as 3D mesh and boundary conditions in FEM workbench in FreeCAD and 2023 as shadow 3D model
Number of year 2024 and 2023 created as 3D model in FreeCAD and calculated in the integrated FEM workbench.

It’s crazy how many topics I’ve published here this year.

Summary of the year 2023

Rotating colorful Easter egg in FreeCAD
Happy Easter in April 2023

Peter Grosse meshed from fine to coarse with Gmsh (upper) and calculated in Calculix (lower)
I went into the mesh in September 2023

Axial force result on a beam dome structure in Mecway animated
Merry Christmas in December 2023

I wish everyone a very successful year 2024.