fatigue damage on a steel wheel frontside and backside displayed in Ansys Workbench
Damage at steel wheel (frontside and backside in Ansys)
Peter Grosse fatigue.pro

fatigue.pro represents the Mechanical engineer Peter Grosse, who works in the area of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) since 2001 and since 2022 as a freelancer in the area of fatigue simulation. The focus of the development projects is on the fatigue simulation with different fatigue tools, preparing of loads and the programming of simulation tools and processes. Many companies want to improve the simulation of fatigue results and are therefore searching for new simulation methods and tools.
fatigue.pro combines many years of experience in FEM simulation with many years of experience in the development and fatigue simulation methods of wind turbines and vehicles. Therefore, fatigue.pro offers optimal support in the build-up of detailed FEM fatigue simulation models and the development of more efficient fatigue simulation processes.