Happy Easter

Easter egg in FreeCAD FEM workbench - Displacement of an Normal mode rotating

I have found an Easter egg in FreeCAD. And thanks to FEM workbench in FreeCAD, the egg is even colorful. It was not so easy to find, because who actually knows how an egg is…

FreeCAD FEM results in Fatlab

Fatigue utilization and Markov matrix for SAE keyhole with variable amplitude loading

If you have a simple model and load you can directly use FreeCAD FEM workbench results in Fatlab. In the previous post I had introduced the newly implemented interface to use CalculiX results in Fatlab…

Happy New Year

Thanks to all for a successful year 2022 and say hello to the new year 2023. May it be even more colorful and exciting than the FEM calculation of the numbers in FreeCAD.